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Ilias Petropoulos – An Underground World
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 19 2011 17:37:04

The documentary An Underground World is about Ilias Petropoulos a  folklorist with a main focus on Greek subcultures like Rebetiko. The video is in Greek. «Παρο υσιάζ ω τον κόσμο με ένα διαφο ρετικ ό βλέμμα, από ό,τι μας έμαθαν στο σ...

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The Key to Success
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 10 2011 21:58:42

OK, now we know how to evaluate ourselves as small/micro business owners. Let’s face it though.  Life is tough.  Creating a prosperous business and achieving your objectives is going to be hard.  There are going to be LOTS of opportunities for excuses.  The question is:  Do you want t...

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One of these days
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 08 2011 11:07:44

“One Of These Days When We Both Are At Our Ease When You’ve Got Time To Please Yourself See What’s Right And See What’s There And Breathe Fresh Air, Ever After” Paul McCartney sings – One of these days How often do we say “One of these days I will. ...

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Oct 29, 2011
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 30 2011 03:44:00

Watched Boku wa Tomodachi ep4, it was even more “oh my god what am I even watching is this actually happening” Played some TF2; combined Manniversary Hat and Sober Stuntman and got an Exquisite Rack . Would’ve liked a non-soldier hat though, since I already have a Vintage Killer Kabuto ...

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ring the bell: グッとくるフレーズ
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 17 2011 16:30:00

ring the bell: グッと るフ ーズ : bellmarunouchi : ネット あち 'ちに ジョ- 伝説 ス"ー チ のリン が貼 れ、彼 のすば しさ ’讃える -ログ 事が ’たた ない。 しろ 'れか ら...

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