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Judicial Watch’s ‘Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians’ for 2011: House Edition
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 30 2011 15:01:59

I sit and wonder…. how is it that these people have been caught of breaking the law and still they sit in office as if they are as clean as a fresh virgin snow?  The Ethics committee finds them guilty and yet there they are, on the tv telling us all the great things they are doing for us.  T...

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Three Reasons Why Ron Paul Appeals to Young People
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 01 2011 02:49:28

By Doug Newman (WARNING: GRAPHIC, BUT NOT GRATUITOUS, IMAGES. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN WAR!) Denver talk host David Sirota wrote a very fine essay this week on Ron Paul’s appeal among voters aged 18 to 29. Contrary to common belief, this popularity is not simply a matter of their ...

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Seen and not seen
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 29 2011 18:04:00

Although it was an apparently accidental attack on Pakistani soldiers that provoked an international incident, the other day a NATO airstrike killed six children in Afghanistan. The political writer Glenn Greenwald had this to say about the killings : "- I read about the death of these c...

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thedailywhat: Occupy Wall Street News Update of the Day: The...
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 02 2011 04:01:10

thedailywhat : Occupy Wall Street News Update of the Day: The NYPD may be attempting to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement by employing an extremely shady tactic: Encouraging “lawbreakers and lowlifes” to link up with protesters at Zuccotti Park . According the the New York Da...

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On 9/11 Commission claims that “we found no evidence”
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 30 2011 20:11:00

When Underwriters Laboratories fired me for challenging the World Trade Center (WTC) report that it helped create with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), it said “there is no evidence” that any firm performed the required fire resistance testing of...

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mohandasgandhi: mindbabies: apoplecticskeptic: bethefoodoflove...
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 29 2011 19:03:05

mohandasgandhi : mindbabies : apoplecticskeptic : bethefoodoflove : coeus : Speechless after I read this.  (In case you needed evidence of Wall Street’s blatant narcissism and sociopathy) I love that in a rambling screed chock full of offense and insensitiv...

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Press Release: Victory in Oakland
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 28 2011 16:56:48

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, October 27, 2011* Contacts: OccupyBost onMedia@gm Twitter: @occupyBOS_media VICTORY IN OAKLAND The sixth week of the international occupation movement closed with a decisive victory for economic justice in Oakland, California. After enduring several days...

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43% of Americans Agree with Occupy Wall Street, 30% Aren’t Sure, Only 27% Disagree
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 27 2011 16:00:34

43% of Americans Agree with Occupy Wall Street, 30% Aren’t Sure, Only 27% Disagree......

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"Humor blogger and “Portlandia” fan Jenny “The Bloggess” Lawson created a tote bag sporting a..."
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 26 2011 19:57:20

“Humor blogger and “Portlandia” fan Jenny “The Bloggess” Lawson created a tote bag sporting a silhouette of the extinct Dodo bird and “Put a bird on it!” in a cheerful font and posted it for sale in her Zazzle store. When Zazzle informed her that a complaint had been issued regarding t...

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HOT CHICKS OF #OWS Up until last week, I was pretty apathetic...
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 24 2011 13:44:42

HOT CHICKS OF #OWS Up until last week, I was pretty apathetic towards Occupy Wall Street. Mostly because everyone I know won’t shut up about it. How many times am I supposed to watch the same videos  and listen to ten different versions of the same  heartfelt financial district story ? As ...

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