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Working Group Minutes 3 Aug 2011
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 14 2011 08:52:01

See below for a summary of key points from the WG meeting on Aug 3 2011, followed by a list of interesting events that are coming up. If you’d like more detailed updates on projects or to view the full minutes, visit the meeting Etherpad . The next meeting will be Wednesday 7 September, 17:30 ...

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People are Knowledge
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 24 2011 20:35:27

Ich könnte mich über die Löschung eines vor 6 Jahren in Wikipedia eingestellten Artikels ärgern. Oder über die Querelen in wikimedia- Deutschlan d e.V. Stattdessen freue ich mich darüber, dass Wikipedia grundsätzlich funktioniert: zahlreiche wissenshungrige Engagierte recherchieren, formul...

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MLB All-Star Game 2011: AL East vs National League All-Stars
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 02 2011 01:37:49

Two players for you: Alex Avila and Asdrubal Cabrera. Cabrera is one of the best shortstops in the league, anchoring the team that began the season as a surprise contender, driving in 49, stealing 12 bags and batting .296 with 13 dingers. Avila is batting .303 and has driven in 46 with 10 dingers. ...

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Free Backgrounds, Textures and Images for Your Website
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 01 2011 16:50:15

... Free Image Resource Lists: Knol: ( http://kno om/k/findi ng-free-ph otographs- for-commer cial-use ) – A larger list of free photo resources. Meta-Wiki: ( http://met a.wikimedi /Free_imag e_resource s ) – Ditto above Squidoo: ...

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Do you edit Wikipedia?
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 27 2011 14:28:04

I started editing a few Wikipedia articles lately. While I’ve been interested in the project for years, I never seemed to have the time to become involved. Before this past week, I had created an account and fixed a few small details on pages directly related to my expertise, but I never add...

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Business Intelligence Resources
Post Source:
Posted: May 20 2011 17:04:40

[ Download Free 64 Page Business Intelligence Resources White Paper Link Compilation ] [ Download Free 81 Page Business Intelligence Online Resources Annotated White Paper ] Purchase 193 Page Professional Internet MiniGuide titled Market Intelligence Resources 2010 by clicking here . Busine...

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Bygythiad i gau wicis Cymraeg – pa wicis?
Post Source:
Posted: May 16 2011 17:28:42

“Dw i’n cytuno. Byddai’n drueni petai’r wicis llai yn cael eu cau, yn enwedig am fod gwybodaeth defnyddiol ar gael ar bob un ohonynt. Efallai mai diffyg ymwybyddiaeth ohonynt sy’n gyfrifol am eu diffyg defnydd? Hefyd, dw i’n meddwl yn aml fod angen cic lan tin arn...

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Bovicide 6: The Final Requirement
Post Source:
Posted: May 14 2011 00:22:43

This post in one of a series inspired by a web discussion about what it would take to replace yacc and its cousins as the industry standard for parser generators. My interest in the question grows out of Marpa , my project to take the many improvements made over the decades to Earley’s ...

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Georgetown to host Wikimania 2012
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 19 2011 22:05:51

The wikimedia Foundation, the organization that operates Wikipedia and other “wiki” projects such as Wiktionary and Wikitravel, announced Monday that its Wikimania 2012 conference will take place July 12-15, 2012 at the Georgetown University Conference Center. Every year since 2005,...

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Thursday Threads: HarperCollins/OverDrive (still), Wikimedia Survey, Microsoft Academic Search
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 07 2011 10:10:52

Receive DLTJ Thursday Threads: by E-mail by RSS Delivered by FeedBurner We can’t leave the hot topic of ebooks behind in this edition of DLTJ Thursday Threads , but at least it is only the lead thread and not the entire focus of this post. HarperCollins made news when one of i...

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