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Nu åbner SkyDrive for udviklere af telefon og PC applikationer
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 23 2011 09:00:00

I forbindelse med annonceringen af den kommende Windows Store kommer der en række andre platforms- og API annonceringer. Den første handler om at vi “åbner” SkyDrive for udviklere af Windows og Windows Phone applikationer. Som en del af snigpremieren af Windows Live til Windows 8, annonce...

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7 WP7 dev tools you might not know but will want to have
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 13 2011 09:04:17

There’s an incredible amount of guides, tools and utilities to be found on the Internet (or should I say ‘tha cloud’?) for Windows Phone 7 developers. Compiled in this article are some of the tools I’ve come across on my searches which I now use frequently but didn...

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Test Driving Popcorn on IE10
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 13 2011 01:33:22

I’ve been hearing a bit of buzz about IE 10 increasing their support for HTML5 and CSS3, so I thought I’d take Popcorn.js for a whirl on it. VirtualBox made the install process pretty painless, I only had to think for myself once. Since it’s built upon Windows 8, I had to download...

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Don’t Become a One-trick Architect
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 08 2011 22:32:40

We are near the dawn of a new workload: BigData. While some people say that “it is always darkest just before the dawn”. I beg to differ: I think it is darkest just before it goes pitch black. Have a cup of wakeup coffee, get your eyes adjusted to the new light, and to flying blind a bit, becau...

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Roslyn CTP – October 2011 を触ってみた
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 21 2011 15:37:41

先日イ スト ルした Roslyn 、ちら ら見 めてい ます。 式サ プル、 ドキュ ント Walk-Thro ughや、 フォーラム 、 twitter( ハッシ タグ #RoslynCTP) 等々。 Codename “Ros lyn” とは Roslynは C#とVB コ...

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Compiler as a Service, コードネーム“Roslyn”
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 19 2011 19:15:44

やっと たー Microsoft “Roslyn” CTP Microsoft “Roslyn” CTP (ダウ ロー ページ ) Walkthroughs: Microsoft "Roslyn" CTP Whitepaper: Roslyn Project Overview Roslyn CTP Now Available (Somasegar -ログ) ちなみ に、ま まだ...

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今月は MSDN が非同期処理の記事だらけ
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 19 2011 07:15:30

...や -にも 影響が って 既存ユ ーザー ’意識 て製' 作って (覚 やすく /受け入 れやす なる う設計 ) Task Exception Handling in .NET 4.5 http://blo m/b/pfxtea m/archive/ 2011/09/28 /10217876. aspx ...

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Microsoft Azure and the Cloud Security Space
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 14 2011 11:00:35

... and apply the practices described in this paper. References http://dow nload.micr download/7 /3/E/73E4E E93-559F-4 D0F-A6FC-7 FEC5F1542D 1/Security BestPracti cesWindows AzureApps. docx http://blo m/b/lukad/ archive/20 10/05/28/w indows-azu re-securit y-guidance .as...

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Team Foundation Services Preview for all conference attendees.
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 04 2011 00:22:12

Get access to Microsoft’s next generation in application lifecycle management, agile project management and software development collaboration services based on the next version of Team Foundation Server running on the Windows Azure platform called: Team Foundation Service Preview E...

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Microsoft Partner Network explained
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 23 2011 15:00:43

I’m sure in your travels in the field of IT, you have seen or heard of companies being called a “Microsoft Partner”.  If you were like me, you had no idea what that really meant.  Was it something a company got by just paying Microsoft to be in it?  Was it something earned?  Wh...

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