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What is ://URLFAN?
How does ://URLFAN determine my website ranking?
How is my RSS feed used by ://URLFAN?
How can I submit my feed for indexing to ://URLFAN?
Can ://URLFAN help drive traffic to my website?
Can I remove my feed from ://URLFAN?
I'm a developer, how can I use ://URLFAN ranking data?

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What is ://URLFAN?

://URLFAN is an evolving experiment designed to discover what websites the blogosphere is discussing all in real time. It does this by cultivating the content of millions of RSS feeds, parsing billions of pieces of information to make a transparent ranking based on that data. In this way you can discover who's a fan of your URL.

Now every website owner can see who's talking about their site in real time and how they compare to every other site on the Internet. There are many websites designed to rank the "traffic" of a website, such as Alexa, however ://URLFAN is different. We rank websites according to their popularity in the fast moving and growing world of RSS feeds.

Unlike Alexa, there is no approximating in our ranking system since we're using concrete data to generate the results. Some important factors to note when using Alexa, according to their disclaimer : Alexa only measures websites visited by Internet Explorer, over counts websites like Amazon, and only counts websites visited by surfers using Windows. You can probably guess that as the web shifts from IE/Win setups to competing browsers and operating systems, a more accurate way to to measure popularity is needed.

://URLFAN is here to provide website publishers with a useful tool in tracking their websites and how their content is referenced by other websites.

How does ://URLFAN determine my website ranking?

Our system parses the millions of blog posts that are generated everyday, literally counting every mention of every website we come across. We filter out spam, broken links, and other various material to determine how many times your website was mentioned today. We reference this against every other website and determine where you rank among them. Every website ranked here at ://URLFAN displays exactly where and when we found a mention of it so that the ranking is 100% transparent. You may sign up to receive an e-mail every time we find a mention of any website.

How is my RSS feed used by ://URLFAN?

If submitted to our directory via the manual submission or our automatic fetching processing, ://URLFAN will begin to read your feed and parse the posts for mentions of websites to use in our ranking algorithm. In turn, we direct traffic directly to your website by posting the source link wherever we display a snippet of your posts. We clip lengthy posts to ensure visitors view your webpage to see the full content of your post. This policy helps us strengthen our ranking system and delivers more viewers to your website. ://URLFAN will remove any feed when requested. Our Spidering robot, urlfan-bot also strictly complies with robots.txt exclusion text.

How do I submit my feed for indexing at ://URLFAN?

To submit a RSS feed URL directly to us, use this link.

To ping our service to insert a new feed or alert us that your feed is updated, configure your blog software to ping : http://rpc.urlfan.com/ping

To activate free extended features to your website profile, add a Bumper Icon to your blog

Can ://URLFAN help drive traffic to my website?

Yes. Bloggers who submit an RSS feed to ://URLFAN enjoy the benefit of having their blog posts potentially exposed to hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each day. Our ranking system relies entirely on what bloggers are discussing right now, websites which we directly link our visitors to. We also spotlight blog posts and the respective website on our daily "Buzz Radar" section, exposing your website directly to our growing audience.

Can I remove my feed from ://URLFAN?

Yes. You may submit a request via our Contact Us link located below, or simply by using robots.txt. Click here to read more.

I'm a developer, how can I use ://URLFAN ranking data?

Developers may use the following API query to request data from ://URLFAN :


Using this xml feed, you may request the ranking # and last 20 posts mentioning any website. Simply substitute example.com for the website you wish to lookup.

Developers may request information from our Buzz Radar tracker by using the following API query

http://www.urlfan.com/site/xml/501.html?pw=John Doe

Using this xml feed, you may request the most recent top posts for any two word person, place or thing. Simply substitute John Doe for the two word subject you wish to lookup. Examples of popular two word person, place or thing would be Barack Obama, Iraq War or Los Angeles.

We request that your application request no more than 180 queries an hour. While the API is available to everyone free of charge, its use is subject to acceptance of our API License Agreement.


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