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Chapter 9: Traveling Through Time

Post Date: Dec 30, 2011 4:54 p.m.
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250 million years ago. Keron Sogi’kiagta moaned softly as she opened her eyes–finding herself lying alone in a great white void and one sore puppy to boot. Even in death, moving hurt like hell and the former Starchild of Ancient Lore had no idea how she got here. The last thing she could remember was a dream she had on a beach somewhere–being with someone she could only recall in fragments–but nothing else. “Wow…” She breathed out in a normal voice–finding herself dressed in her old Enforcer uniform (complete with every sash, rank insignia and medals affixed to her arms, neck, and breast–along with her twin weapon holsters) and very much alone. “Where am I?” Turning around slowly, the Tyreni could only see an endless white mess–like a blank canvas that had ...

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